June, 2015

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Launch of new Fortean Fiction title

Scribbling Sea SerpentThe latest title in the CFZ’s popular Fortean Fiction imprint is The Scribbling Sea Serpent, a collection of science fiction and weird tales from Kate Kelly. Ancient ruins, lost civilizations, alien visitors and restless ghosts; sinister technology, environmental disasters, dark secrets of the past and the mysteries that lurk beneath the ocean waves… There are tales here that blend the past with the present, explore the possible futures we are creating and touch on the darker side of the world we think we know.

The official book launch is on Thursday July 2nd, but the book is already available for purchase from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format:


ATCO & Grass now out on Kindle

ATCO & Grass Kindle version
Jim Jackson’s collection of short stories ATCO & Grass, which was published as a paperback last November, is now out as a Kindle ebook as well.

From Orpington to Australia, from inner space  to outer space, lovers, millionaires, scientists and fugitives from justice are just some of the characters the author paints for us with colourful precision. Every narrative is a miniature masterpiece in a great storytelling tradition.


Pre-Release Offer: “Going Mad to Stay Sane”

The CFZ Publishing Group is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a new edition of Andy White’s seminal work on psychotherapy, Going Mad to Stay Sane: The Psychology of Self-destructive Behaviour. Originally published almost 20 years ago and long out of print, Amazon has the book listed at “from £500”. Our brand new edition will be much cheaper!

If you pre-order a copy now, you can do so for the special low price of £9.99 – and autographed into the bargain!

Postscript 27 August 2015

THE SPECIAL OFFER IS NOW CLOSED. However, you can still buy Going Mad to Stay Sane from Amazon by clicking on the following links: