October, 2015

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NEW RELEASE: Sasquatch Down

Sasquatch DownCFZ Press is pleased to announce the release of Sasquatch Down, a new book by Michael Newton which is essentially a companion piece to his previous volume, When Bigfoot Attacks. In his new book, Mike examines all the reports he could find of Bigfoot-type creatures being killed, captured, or found dead by humans.

In order for Bigfoot-Sasquatch-Yeti to be scientifically classified, named, and (perhaps) legally protected, it must first be proven to exist. That basic requirement has spawned a fierce “kill/no kill” debate among researchers and monster hunters worldwide. So far, neither side has succeeded. Or, have they?

You can order your copy of Sasquatch Down by clicking on one of the following links:


SPECIAL OFFER: The Song of Panne

song_of_panneThe Song of Panne (Being Mainly about Elephants) is the surreal new novel from the CFZ’s director Jonathan Downes.

If High Fantasy involves the creation of an imaginary new land full of mermaids, orcs and unicorns, this is very Low Fantasy. There are Gods and Demons but most of the action takes place in a disused Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Barnstaple…

SPECIAL OFFER! For a limited time only, you can get a copy signed by Jon himself for just £6.99, inclusive of postage to UK addresses (overseas customers please inquire as to shipping rates).

To avail yourself of this great offer, you can either order online by clicking on this button:

Or by post, with a cheque payable to CFZ Trust #1, from:

CFZ Publishing Group
Myrtle Cottage,
Bideford, North Devon
EX39 5QR

Out now! The Song of Panne

jon-downes-song-of-panneAs you can see from the photo, CFZ director Jonathan Downes has a new book out! The latest entry in our Fortean Fiction line, it is a novel called The Song of Panne (Being Mainly about Elephants):

A tired, crippled man in late middle age gets an unexpected visitor from his less then salubrious past. With him is something out of the pages of Greek mythology. The author finds himself deep in an arcane tangle of lies, half-truths and impossibilities. Against his better judgement, he has no option but to act. If this is a story, it’s a bloody good one. If this is truth then the world you know is about to change forever.

Watch this space for details of how to get a copy of The Song of Panne signed by the author. In the meantime, the book is available from Amazon UK – just click on this link: The Song of Panne (Being Mainly about Elephants).