The Hidden Folk by S D Tucker

The Hidden Folk
Are Poltergeists and Fairies just the same thing?

In the not-too-distant past, fairies were a part of everyday reality, and accounts of their alleged interaction with the world of humans are legion. But, when the ‘realm of faery’ did intrude upon our own, how did its inhabitants make their presence known? Apparently, they did so in a variety of different ways; by rapping, tapping and making loud noises around a person’s home, by throwing pebbles about, by setting fires, moving furniture, breaking plates and speaking from out of thin air itself. In other words, then, they acted just like poltergeists are often said to do today.

The Hidden Folk by S. D. Tucker is printed by Mr Jonathan Downes, and is to be sold at his shop in Woolfardisworthy, by the sign of the Thylacine.

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