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Kate Kelly talks about the Scribbling Sea Serpent

The Scribbling Sea Serpent by Kate KellyToday sees the official launch of Kate Kelly’s short story collection, The Scribbling Sea Serpent. Here is what Kate has to say about the book in her own words:

Like many authors I started out by writing short stories. There’s something special about the short form – short stories allow you to experiment, to try out new things and explore different ideas in a small space. Short stories are the perfect way to hone your craft. Most of my short stories fall in the science fiction and weird fiction genres and, fortunately, this is one of the areas for which there is still a fairly healthy short fiction market. So I started sending them out and it wasn’t long before I had made my first sale. To date I have had over fifteen short stories published. I thought it would be good to have them all together in one place, and then, in a chance conversation with my colleague and friend Andrew May, he suggested that Jon Downes at CFZ Publishing might be worth a shot. I checked them out and soon realised that many of the ideas I explore in my stories have a fortean theme to them, aliens, sea monsters, carnivorous plants among others. In short this was a publisher that looked like a good fit for my stories, and, happily, they thought so too. And so here they are, some previously published and some new to this volume, I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

If you’d like to buy your own copy of The Scribbling Sea Serpent, either as a paperback or a Kindle ebook, here are the links you need: