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Two new Kindle releases: Sasquatch and the Russian Snowman

russian-snowmanTwo recent releases from CFZ Press are now available as Kindle ebooks as well as paperbacks:


NEW RELEASE: Sasquatch Down

Sasquatch DownCFZ Press is pleased to announce the release of Sasquatch Down, a new book by Michael Newton which is essentially a companion piece to his previous volume, When Bigfoot Attacks. In his new book, Mike examines all the reports he could find of Bigfoot-type creatures being killed, captured, or found dead by humans.

In order for Bigfoot-Sasquatch-Yeti to be scientifically classified, named, and (perhaps) legally protected, it must first be proven to exist. That basic requirement has spawned a fierce “kill/no kill” debate among researchers and monster hunters worldwide. So far, neither side has succeeded. Or, have they?

You can order your copy of Sasquatch Down by clicking on one of the following links:


In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman

russian-snowmanIn the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman is Dmitri Bayanov’s classic account of the search for an elusive Bigfoot-like hominid, popularly known as the Snowman, in the lands of the former Soviet Union. A brand new edition of the book has just been published by CFZ Press, and at just £12.50 (or $19.99) it is considerably more affordable than the long out-of-print original.

Russia – or to be exact, the Soviet Union – was the first country to probe the snowman riddle on a scientific basis. In 1958, in the post-Stalinist political thaw, the Soviet Academy of Sciences diverted itself for a time with the exotic and sensational subject of the Himalayan yeti. As the Academy had received reports of similar creatures in the mountains of Soviet Central Asia, it set up a special commission to collect evidence on the subject and launched a major expedition to establish the existence of “the Russian Snowman”.


Karl Shuker on Pygmy Elephants

Pygmy ElephantsA recent issue of Fortean Times magazine (FT 320, November 2014) carried a review of Matt Salusbury’s book Pygmy Elephants: On the Track of the World’s Largest Dwarfs, published by CFZ Press. The review was written by one of Britain’s best-known cryptozoologists, Dr Karl Shuker.

Dr Shuker gave the book a rating of 9 out of 10, summing up Matt Salusbury’s achievement as follows:

His diligent compilation, presentation and analysis of the hitherto disparate history and facts about these enigmatic animals, plus his own addition of important new data to their archive of material as exclusively revealed in this book, make it a publication very deserving to be read by everyone interested in such creatures. If you’re looking for information on stature-challenged pachyderms, this is the publication to consult.

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NEW RELEASE: Mysterious Creatures volume 2

Volume 2 of George M. Eberhart’s Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology has just been published. Covering ‘N-Z’, this second volume tackles some well-known beasts as well as more esoteric creatures few will have heard of.