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9781909488397-perfectDear Friends,

We are very pleased to announce that a double issue of our journal – A&M #58/9 – is now available for you to read online for

It contains the following:

  • Contents
  • Faculty
  • Editorial
  • Obituary – MARK A HALL (1946-2016) by Loren Coleman
  • Newsfile: New and Rediscovered
  • Newsfile: Thylacine
  • Newsfile: Man beasts
  • Newsfile: Mystery cats
  • Newsfile: Aquatic monsters
  • Newsfile Xtra: Blue Dog Breakthrough
  • Newsfile Xtra: The Djibouti monster
  • Watcher of the Skies by Corinna Downes
  • Tasmania Expedition Report by Richard Freeman
  • The Gorilla – Does it exist? by Loes Modderman
  • Duties for regional representatives—a discussion document
  • In Search of Bowheads and Narwhals by John Brodie-Good
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Reviews
  • Weird Weekend 2016
  • Recent books from CFZ Press

This is a special double issue. Issue #58 should have come out in September and #59 round about now. However, without going into to much tedious detail, we are ridiculously overwhelmed at the moment, and this double issue has given us some much needed breathing space. Hard copies and kindle versions will be available in due course, probably in March or April, when the next issue of A&M is due.

The eagle-eyed amongst you, I think, will notice the image of the last issue of Animals & Men, on the main CFZ website has not been replaced with issue #58/9. This is not down to our inefficiency: there is something wrong with the servers at our ISP, and, I am sure that this will be resolved in the near future.

untitled-1Also, we are pleased to announce that issue #4 of the Journal Of Cryptozoology is now for sale.

Karl Shuker has done a remarkable job, once again, and the current issue contains the following :

  • Editorial
    Karl P.N. Shuker
  • Buckley’s Bunyip
    Paul Michael Donovan
    A Checklist of Historical Hypotheses for the Loch Ness Monster
  • Not Finding Bigfoot in DNA
    Haskell V. Hart
  • A Preliminary, Comparative Type Proposal For Large, Unidentified Marine and Freshwater Animals
    Bruce A. Champagne
  • Instructions to Contributors:
  • (i) Important Issues to Consider When Preparing a Cryptozoological Paper
  • (ii) The Style of Presentation Required for Submissions to the Journal

The journal is available from Amazon, or – at a reduced postage rate – from us at www.journalofcryptozoology.com .

Dr Shuker’s Loch Ness Monster book is here…

At long last w51cO+CYDuVLe are proud to announce the arrival of the new book by Dr Karl Shuker. how much cialis generic viagra same regular viagra

The Loch Ness monster is undoubtedly the best known unknown animal in the world of that is not too much of an oxymoron. Here, for the first time is gathered together a book-length collection of articles written by Dr Shuker about Nessie over the years. He writes:

“Nessie the Loch Ness monster (LNM) is not only the premier mystery beast of the United  Kingdom, it also vies with the bigfoot or sasquatch as the most famous one anywhere in the world. Little wonder, therefore, that during his many years as a world-renowned crypt what does viagra 100 mg do viagra prescribed online legally

ozoological researcher and writer, Dr Karl Shuker should have documented it and all manner of aspects relating to it in a wide range of publications

Now, however, for the very first time and in direct response to popular demand, all of Dr Shuker’s most significant but previously disparate Nessie-themed writings have finally been brought together, and in expanded, updated form whenever possible too, to yield the present LNM compendium, covering a fascinating, extremely broad spectrum of pertinent topics. os genericos do viagra buy viagra from china

These include: a comprehensive review of the history and controversies associated with this exceedingly contentious aquatic cryptid; a diverse selection of the most – and least – plausible taxonomic identities that have been proposed for it; the closely-linked traditional Scottish folklore of kelpies and other water-horses; various Nessie-related hoaxes; an extensive survey of other Scottish freshwater loch monsters; reviews of Nessie-related material; a hitherto-unpublished LNM sighting from leading Nessie researcher and eyewitness Tim Dinsdale; Nessie in philately; the historic LNM conference staged by the International Society of Cryptozoology at Edinburgh’s Royal Museum of Scotland in 1987; the enigmatic Pictish beast; a tribute in verse to Nessie; an annotated, YouTube-linked listing of Nessie-themed songs and music videos; and much more too!

Supplementing these varied subjects is an equally eclectic selection of illustrations – a dedicated Nessie gallery containing a dazzling array of spectacular full-colour LNM artwork, including a number of specially-commissioned, previously-unpublished examples, as well as a wide range of text images – plus a very comprehensive bibliography of non-fiction Nessie books, a listing of current LNM-themed websites, and a detailed index.

So without further ado, welcome to the sometimes decidedly weird yet always totally wonderful world of Nessie – the mystifying but ever-memorable monster of Loch Ness.”

Check it out on Amazon UK

Check it out on Amazon USA

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Animals & Men #56 and #57

51zzlM+1PmL._SY346_As you wdownloadill probably be aware, the two most recent issues of Animals & Men are now available as both hard copy and kindle ebooks. This is in addition to them being available for free as online flipbooks.

Check them out at Amazon:


Issue 56

Issue 57


Val from Fortean Times was kind enough to send us this review of Lee Walker’s latest book for CFZ Press. We are very pleased with the review whichmerely proves to confirm in out minds what we have always thought about Lee; that he is one of the best Fortean authors currently writing, and we are very proud of him…. can you take more than one viagra pill


Tales of the Damned: An Anthology of Fortean Horror

Tales of the DamnedTales of the Damned is a brand new anthology of Fortean-themed horror fiction, edited by the CFZ’s zoological director, Richard Freeman. At 354 pages it contains 25 stories by 21 different authors, including such well-known Fortean names as Neil Arnold, Andy Roberts, Lars Thomas and Dr Karl Shuker. As Richard put it, “Who better to pen a collection of weird tales than those who hunt monsters, search for ghosts and study anomalous phenomena? For the first time ever here is an anthology of bizarre horror written by those who actively seek the strange, occult and disturbing. Herein lie what Charles Fort, the first eclectic paranormal researcher, would truly describe as a parade of the damned.”

Tales of the Damned has just been published in trade paperback format, with a Kindle version scheduled for next month. To get your copy, click on the appropriate link below (or search your local Amazon store if you are outside the UK or US):

Here is Animals & Men #57

animals-and-men-57Here is the latest issue of Animals & Men to read, absolutely free!

The paperback and Kindle versions will be available for purchase in due course.

If you haven’t read issue 56 yet, you can still do so on the Animals & Men digital archive page.

The 2016 CFZ Yearbook is now out

CFZ Yearbook 2016The CFZ Yearbook is an annual collection of papers and essays too long and detailed for our magazine Animals & Men. The 2016 volume includes articles on British Wombats by Richard Muirhead, on Fire Beasts, Lightning Beasts and the Elephant of Tiahunaco by Dr Karl Shuker, on Monsters and Cryptids of Classical Myth by Ronan Coghlan, on Crocodile Cults by Richard Freeman, on the Yowie by Tony Lucas, and on the Orang Pendek in the Dutch Press by Loes Modderman. viagra cost

Animals & Men #56 out now!

Animals & Men 56Issue 56 of Animals & Men can now be read, absolutely free, on the main Animals & Men page of this site. The paperback and Kindle versions will be available for purchase in due course.

If you haven’t read issue 55 yet, it’s not too late to do so – it’s been moved to the Animals & Men digital archive page.

The Hidden Folk by S D Tucker

The Hidden Folk
Are Poltergeists and Fairies just the same thing?

In the not-too-distant past, fairies were a part of everyday reality, and accounts of their alleged interaction with the world of humans are legion. But, when the ‘realm of faery’ did intrude upon our own, how did its inhabitants make their presence known? Apparently, they did so in a variety of different ways; by rapping, tapping and making loud noises around a person’s home, by throwing pebbles about, by setting fires, moving furniture, breaking plates and speaking from out of thin air itself. In other words, then, they acted just like poltergeists are often said to do today.

The Hidden Folk by S. D. Tucker is printed by Mr Jonathan Downes, and is to be sold at his shop in Woolfardisworthy, by the sign of the Thylacine.

Or you can get it from Amazon: