Cryptozoology? Forteana?


Here at CFZ Publishing Group we toss big words like Cryptozoology and Forteana around without realizing that maybe they’re not in everyone’s vocabulary!

But trust us, you’re probably as fascinated by these two subjects as we are!

CRYPTOZOOLOGY comes from “crypto” meaning hidden, and “zoology” meaning the study of animals. So cryptozoology is simply the study of “hidden animals”. That can mean species that are known anecdotally but not recognized by science, such as Bigfoot and Chupacabras, or it can mean supposedly extinct species such as the Tasmanian Tiger.

FORTEAN comes from Charles Fort (1874 – 1932), one of the earliest pioneers of research into anomalous phenomena. Fort focused on what he called “damned data” – witness reports that are dismissed by mainstream science because they “don’t fit”. Cryptozoology falls in this category, as do UFOs, ghosts, psychic powers and other paranormal phenomena.