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Two new Kindle releases: Sasquatch and the Russian Snowman

russian-snowmanTwo recent releases from CFZ Press are now available as Kindle ebooks as well as paperbacks:


NEW RELEASE: Sasquatch Down

Sasquatch DownCFZ Press is pleased to announce the release of Sasquatch Down, a new book by Michael Newton which is essentially a companion piece to his previous volume, When Bigfoot Attacks. In his new book, Mike examines all the reports he could find of Bigfoot-type creatures being killed, captured, or found dead by humans.

In order for Bigfoot-Sasquatch-Yeti to be scientifically classified, named, and (perhaps) legally protected, it must first be proven to exist. That basic requirement has spawned a fierce “kill/no kill” debate among researchers and monster hunters worldwide. So far, neither side has succeeded. Or, have they?

You can order your copy of Sasquatch Down by clicking on one of the following links: