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The 2016 CFZ Yearbook is now out

CFZ Yearbook 2016The CFZ Yearbook is an annual collection of papers and essays too long and detailed for our magazine Animals & Men. The 2016 volume includes articles on British Wombats by Richard Muirhead, on Fire Beasts, Lightning Beasts and the Elephant of Tiahunaco by Dr Karl Shuker, on Monsters and Cryptids of Classical Myth by Ronan Coghlan, on Crocodile Cults by Richard Freeman, on the Yowie by Tony Lucas, and on the Orang Pendek in the Dutch Press by Loes Modderman. viagra cost

CFZ Yearbooks 1996-2002 on Kindle

We are in the process of converting all the CFZ Yearbooks into Kindle ebook format. To date, the first six volumes have been uploaded: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000/2001 and 2002.

Don’t let the title mislead you into thinking these books may be a bit dated now! Each CFZ Yearbook is a timeless collection of in-depth papers and essays on all aspects of cryptozoology, including many contributions from well-known researchers in the field.

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