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Volume 3 of the Journal of Cryptozoology

Journal of Cryptozoology volume 3The long-awaited third volume of the Journal of Cryptozoology is now available from CFZ Publishing. It contains an editorial by Dr Karl Shuker as well as the following articles:

  • “The Thunderbirds of Western Pennsylvania – Mistaken Identity or Migratory Cryptids?” by Jonathan D. Stiffy
  • “New Material on the Moha-Moha” by Ulrich Magin
  • “Target Practice – Evaluating Available Fine-Resolution Satellite Imagery as a Potentially Useful Tool in Cryptozoology” by Edmond W. Holroyd, III
  • “Searching For the Pink-Headed Duck in Myanmar” by Richard Thorns
  • “Bessie, the Lake Erie Monster – Assessed and Assembled” by Scott E. Strasser

It can be purchased directly from the Journal’s own website (at a discounted price), or by clicking on the following Amazon links: