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Volume 3 of the Journal of Cryptozoology

Journal of Cryptozoology volume 3The long-awaited third volume of the Journal of Cryptozoology is now available from CFZ Publishing. It contains an editorial by Dr Karl Shuker as well as the following articles:

  • “The Thunderbirds of Western Pennsylvania – Mistaken Identity or Migratory Cryptids?” by Jonathan D. Stiffy
  • “New Material on the Moha-Moha” by Ulrich Magin
  • “Target Practice – Evaluating Available Fine-Resolution Satellite Imagery as a Potentially Useful Tool in Cryptozoology” by Edmond W. Holroyd, III
  • “Searching For the Pink-Headed Duck in Myanmar” by Richard Thorns
  • “Bessie, the Lake Erie Monster – Assessed and Assembled” by Scott E. Strasser

It can be purchased directly from the Journal’s own website (at a discounted price), or by clicking on the following Amazon links:


Karl Shuker on Pygmy Elephants

Pygmy ElephantsA recent issue of Fortean Times magazine (FT 320, November 2014) carried a review of Matt Salusbury’s book Pygmy Elephants: On the Track of the World’s Largest Dwarfs, published by CFZ Press. The review was written by one of Britain’s best-known cryptozoologists, Dr Karl Shuker.

Dr Shuker gave the book a rating of 9 out of 10, summing up Matt Salusbury’s achievement as follows:

His diligent compilation, presentation and analysis of the hitherto disparate history and facts about these enigmatic animals, plus his own addition of important new data to their archive of material as exclusively revealed in this book, make it a publication very deserving to be read by everyone interested in such creatures. If you’re looking for information on stature-challenged pachyderms, this is the publication to consult.

To get your own copy of Pygmy Elephants, just click on the following links: